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Jul. 9th, 2012

yami, yugi, binding circles

[drabble] Outlet

It was rather hard to surprise Solomon Mouto. He had lived through his share of scandals and conspiricies, and he would swear that nothing surprised him more than when his little grandson grew hair like his and loved games. The whole Millennium Puzzle thing had mildly surprised him, but the old thing was from Egypt, so he supposed he should have seen this coming. He wasn't surprised when his grandson started making friends, or when he started coming home later, or even when an ancient spirit started playing shadow games with his grandson's transgressors. However, he was surprised when he found a mass of the new Duel Monsters cards scattered about Yugi's bedroom with said kid taking enthusiastically to someone Solomon could not see.

“-Attacks points are here! And if you have the stronger monster, and you attack, then you subtract the higher attack from the lower attack, but only if the opposing monster is in attack mode-” Yugi cut off his excited explanation as if someone had tapped his shoulder. “Hm?” He turned to look at the door.

“What are you doing up so late, Yugi?” Solomon asked. It was a school night, and if he remembered right Yugi had a quiz tomorrow.

“Oh! I'm just showing the Other Me how to play Duel Monsters,” he smiled. “He had asked about them earlier today, and I promised to show him after I got done with homework.” By the looks of things, that had been quite a while ago. “It's a really popular game, so he would have lots of people to pay with.”

The Other Yugi must have said something, because Yugi suddenly blushed and stammered. “Well, of course you'll play with other people! It's no fun playing by yourself.” He was quiet for a few moments. “You play games with friends. Jounouchi would like it...”

Quietly, Solomon bid his grandson and his friend a 'good-night,' and shut the door. He listened for a moment as Yugi and the Other Yugi continued the one-sided conversation. With a smile, Solomon walked back to his own room. It would be good for the Other Yugi to learn something new, and, rough start or not, the Other Yugi was bringing Yugi out of his shell. With no more shadow games to be played, the ancient spirit needed a new outlet. After all, what could be dangerous about a card game?


Jun. 25th, 2012

yami, yugi, binding circles

Images for Megaten Event :3

PicturesCollapse )

Feb. 18th, 2012

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[Fanfic] Take Me To Your Leader

Title: Take Me To Your Leader
Part: beginning?
Summary: Atem wasn't expecting a whole lot when he got a job as a night watchman at the lab, but he got a whole barrel of fun when the aline Yugi Mouto "get's lost."
Notes: Okay, so I've been thinking about this idea for a while now. It stemmed off of a drabble, and I'm hoping it will last for a little while. *shrugs* I'm just glad to be writing. Also, there are a lot of mistakes, and I plan to re-write most of this. Bear with me.


"Eh, take me to your leader?"Collapse )

Dec. 31st, 2011

yami, yugi, binding circles

Alien [drabble-ish]

Just working on another idea. Another alien one. ^^' No plot yet, just words.


“Eh, take me to your leader?”

Atem held his weapon tighter. He was confused, and caught off guard. This strange man across from him looked human, but nothing human could get into the security of this building so quietly. The man appeared to be around eighteen years old. He was the same height as Atem, which was just below average, and his outfit looked rather eccentric. It was a mix of a dark shirt, pants, a cloak, and buckles.

“What are you doing here?” Atem demanded. His gun did not waver, he had a job to do. “This is a restricted area, you are not allowed in here.”

“Sorry, sorry,” the man apologized. His posture remained relaxed, as if he wasn't concerned by the weapon pointed at him. “I didn't mean to intrude.” He trailed off after that, and his eyes wandered around the hallway he had been caught in.

“State your name and business,” Atem demanded.

“Oh! Sorry, where are my manners. I am called Yugi Mouto, and I afraid that I'm lost.”

“Lost...” Atem repeated. “You can't just get “lost” here.” The area was always locked down and it was watched by sentries and video cameras. If this man had gotten in from the outside, they would have known about it. Atem reached for his communicator. This had the potential of being very


Dec. 30th, 2011

yami, yugi, binding circles

Fall 2011 Picture dump

Nov. 26th, 2011

yami, yugi, binding circles

Fox Pillow Pet 11/26/11

More pictures here...Collapse )
Pictures of a fox pillow pet I made. He's very soft. :3

Nov. 20th, 2011

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[fanfic] "Any man that falls bhind, gets left behind." (drabble)

This is a re-visit to that drabble I posted a long time ago. I've been having trouble writing anything, so i decided to do something simple-ish and work on a drabble. Here's what I have typed so far.

"Falling Behind."Collapse )

Nov. 7th, 2011

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Shimeji Image 1

Oct. 11th, 2011

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Riddle Me This

Random title is random.

This is a project I was working on for my Independent Studio class. I expanded on the Shoreline idea, and got some...predictable comments from my group. -shrugs- Fantasy art just isn't really that high in demand. I'm ok with it, regardless, even if it still isn't finished.CarnivalCollapse )
yami, yugi, binding circles

[drabble] Got'cha (Flight)

Okay, so this little thing happens after Yugi's 'escape' from the city. Aside from that, I'mvnot real sure where it falls on the Got'cha timeline.Collapse )

Okay, so I really don't like how Open Office is formatted when transferred to LJ. :( Oh well, I hope you don't mind this little, brief drabble.

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